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Torna Fort

Torna is a Maratha Emperor Shivaji Maharaj owned fort. This fort is located about 50 meters far from Pune. Torna Fort is the only fort, which lasted until the end of the Maratha Empire from its surmounting in 1643. The remarkable thing about this fort is that, this is the first fort of the Shivaji Maharaj captured at 16 years of age and the initial for the Maratha Empire. This fort is built at height of about 1405 meters from the sea level that makes it the tallest fort in Maharashtra. Torna fort is spread widely on the top of hills thereby overpowering the other largest forts in Maharashtra and for that reason it was given a second name called Prachandagad (Massive Fort).

The construction of this fort took place in 13th century by the followers of Lord Shiva, Shaiva Panth. The location of this fort falls on the Sahyadri range of hills. The entire surrounding fort like Rajgad, Pratapgad, Sinhagad, and Raigad are clearly visible from Torna. This fort was the best on its location as quick attacks can be done to these forts with ease for capturing. However, there was never an arrival of the situation of attacking those forts as all of the surrounded forts were under the direct control of Maratha Empire only. This fort is one of the best forts in Maharashtra state for trekkers due to its divine height and challenging path to the place. There is an oldest temple called Devi Menghai at the entrance of this fort, thereby making it a religious place for visitors.

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             How To Reach

By Air

Nearest Airport is Kolhapur And Pune

By Rail

Nearest Railway Station is Pune and Nashik

By Road

Pune to Torna - 180 Km,
Mumbai to Torna - 140 Km,
Kolhapur to Torna - 400 Km.
Nasik to Torna - 100 Km,
Nagpur to Torna - 775 Km,
Banglore to Torna - 1000 Km,


        Nearest Tourist Place
Pune University
Mengai devi
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