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Shivneri Fort


Shivneri Fort, birthplace of the great Maratha warrior Shri Shivaji Maharaj, locatednear Junnar.
Shahaji,the father of Shivaji Maharaj a general in Adilshah of Bijapur sultanate put pregnant Jijabai for her security in Shivneri. Shivneri is a hill fortress with steep rocks in the mountain ranges of Sahyadri. Maharaj spent his childhood here.
At the top of the fort we can find temple of Jijibai and Shivaji Mharaj. 

The main entrance is known as 'Shivneri Fort', others have named like Ganesh,  Mastani, Jambhal, Khidki.


The highest point of the fort is at a height of 3500 feet above the sea level. The Junnar taluka lies at the foot of this fort. One more thing about Junnar taluka is that it has the highest density of leopard population in the country.


Some of the attraction places in and around Shivneri Fort are given below:

1. Badami Talao: This is a small lake at the centre of Shivneri Fort

2. Goddess Shivai Temple: There is a small temple of goddess Shivai inside the fort. Shivaji was in fact named after this goddess.

3. Lenyadri Caves: We can see the Lenyadri caves just two kilometerss away from Shivneri fort. The history says that Parvathi wanted have Vinayak as her son and performed penance at this caves for nearly 12 years.

4. Water springs: We can see two famous water springs inside the Shivneri fort. These are called as Ganga-Jamuna. The water is available here throughout the year.

5. Shiv Janmasthan: This is the birth place of Shivaji. It is considered by local people as religious place and also called locally as Shiv mandir.

Shivneri Fort Map

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             How To Reach

By Air

Nearest Airport is Pine and Mumbai..

By Rail

Nearest Railway Station is Nashik and Pune.

By Road

Pune to Shivneri - 100 Km,
Mumbai to Shivneri - 160 Km,
Kolhapur to Shivneri - 320 Km,
Nasik to Shivneri - 150 Km,
Nagpur to Shivneri - 720 Km,
Banglore to Shivneri - 950 Km.

        Nearest Tourist Place
Pune University
Nashik Ghat
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