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Shaniwarwada Fort

The Fort whose foundation was laid down by the fearless Peshwa Bajirao in year 1729-30 symbolizes the fearless fort, which not at all knew the defeat. The construction of the fearless fort took two years to complete, which was later looked after by successors of Peshwa Bajirao. Peshwas remained throned to the seat of Shaniwar wada until 1818. It was when Peshwa Baji rao-II surrendered the fort and renounced the throne to Sir John Malcolm who was in command for British East India Company.

The Fort situated in Shaniwar Peth in Pune has a amazing architecture and whole complex of Shaniwar wada consist of Blooming Garden with fountains, courtyards, offices, inhabited quarters, audience halls. The remarkable architecture echoes the skill of Peshwas on the ground of town development. Shaniwar wada has five entrance of which the main entrance is known as Dilli Darwaja which is strongly built massive door which has capacity to admit elephant with canopies to seat. Besides this, the fort has Mastani Darwaja or Ali Bahadur Darwaja, Khidki Darwaja, Ganesh Darwaja and Jambhul Darwaja or Narayan Darwaja. The walls of Shaniwar wada was beautified with the paintings portraying the scenes from the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The most imperative buildings in this fort are the court reception hall of Peshwa Bajirao-I, hall for Dance and besides this; it has Old Mirror Hall. The huge fire that broke out on February 27, 1828 totally ruined the exquisiteness of the fort. The strong walls, five gates and the nine bastions that survived the fire is only the remaining that is seen today.

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             How To Reach

By Air

Shaniwarwada Fort Distance from Pune Airport : 16 Km
(30 Minutes by car)

By Rail

Shaniwarwada Fort Distance from Pune Railway Station : 3 to 4 km (by auto 10-15 minutes)

By Road

Shaniwarwada Fort Distance from Swarget Bus Stand: - 15 minutes
Distance from Shivaji Nagar
Bus Stand:
- 5 minutes.


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