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Purandar Fort

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Purander Fort

Purandar is about 40 km south-east of Pune and some 10kms south-west of Sasawad.  Perchedon a gigantic mountain mass, its height above sea-level is 1398 metres and about 700 metres above the plain at its foot.  It really comprises two fortresses: Purandar, the stronger and more important of the two, and Vajragad, small sister for t situated on a ridge running out east of it.  Purandar has two parts: the upper or Balekilla with precipitous sides all around and the lower part or machi about 300 meters above the plain. On the north side of the lower part there is a broad terrace comprising the cantonment area of the fortifications.  There are many monuments, old and new, on the terrace. Towards the east of the terrace, beyond a narrow ridge, from the cantonment are of the terrace a winding path leads to the upper fort.  The approach is commanded by the Dilli Darwaza, the main gate.  The most important monuments, on the summit of the hill is the old temple of Kedareshwar.


Purandar was recaptured by Shivaji in 1670 AD Later it became a favorite retreat of the Peshwas.  Purandar was captured by the British in 1818 AD.  During the Second World War, the British kept here the German war prisoners. Dr. H. Goetz, one of the German prisoners, thoroughly studied Purandar and wrote a monograph on it.  After Independence there also functioned a National Cadet Crops (N.C.C.) Training unit at the top.



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             How To Reach

By Air

Pune is the nearest Airport
(60 Km.)

By Rail

Nearest�Railway Station�is Pune (50 Km.).

By Road

Narayanpur is situated at the bottom of famous Purander Fort, Narayanpur is about 35 Km. from Pune.


        Nearest Tourist Place
Baneshwar Temple
Diveagar Beach
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