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Lifestyle of Maharashtra

Lifestyle in Maharashtra photosThe culture of Maharashtra is indebted to its rich heritage of entertainment industry. The theatre, television, movies are indispensable for a Maharashtrian. Mumbai is the nub of Indian film and entertainment industry. Dadasaheb Phalke is the father of Indian films, numerous actors, singers, directors of different times followed his footsteps.Maratha theatre too is highly exponential. It is also a place of historical treasures. Beautiful monuments and palaces nicely enmeshed with the scenic beauty of striking Western ghats, serenity of mighty rivers and the tourists naturally frequent various places of Maharashtra. The tomb of the wife of Aurangzeb, popularly known as, `Bibi Ka Maqbara`is a fantastic instance of Mughal architecture.Also the region is a commercially viable and innumerable trader and businessmen mobbed the cities like Mumbai, Pune etc.


That numerous hotels and guesthouses have been constructed is obvious. The urbanites here enjoy a fast life, always running on their toes. Nightlife, however, is thrilling; pubs, discos and bars mushroomed in the heart of the Maharashtrians cities. Maharashtra has got a cosmopolitan outlook. Hindus, Muslims, and a small percentage of other minority communities like Buddhists Jains, Christians enjoy their peaceful stay in the region of Madhya Pradesh. Marathi is the official state language and is widely spoken by the majority of the people. Hindi, and English, along with a variety of other languages are also popular.. In the northwest portion of Maharashtra, a minority speaks a dialect Ahirani. In south Konkan, its populace utters a dialect of Konkani known as Malvani. Among the prevalent dialects of Maharashtra, Deshi and Varhadi are worth mentioning.The culture of Maharashtra is glittered by the literary extravaganza and the number of Marathi exponents is pretty large. Infact Marathi literature is enriched in its content and style of Bhawarthadeepika written by Dnyaneshwar , one of the primitive instances of Marathi literature. Modern Marathi literature is also thronged by great poets and authors like P. L. Deshpande, Kusumagraj, Prahlad Keshav Atre.


Maharashtra is renowned for its stupendous fertilization of cultural eloquence as highlighted in the musical strains, dancing strides, culinary flavors and last of all in the ecumenical culture of the Maharashtran folks.

udi Padwa is observed on the first day of the month of Chaitra, thereby signaling the arrival of the most cherished spring, the season of colour and joy. Maharashtrians feted it as the New Year day . The government of India too had acknowledged it as the first day of Hindu National Calendar. Gudi Padwa is consecrated to the worship of Lord Brahma. Many legend states that this festival is celebrated to mark the victory of Rama over Bali. It symbolizes a new beginning thus cleansing away all the negativities and wrong doings of the previous year. On that day, the Maharatrans cleansed their houses and applied cow dung on the walls. Females and children paint beautiful rangolis with loud colours thereby enhancing the joy and merriment of spring celebrations.It is the time of family get together; Maharashtrans decked up in new attires and wholeheartedly engulf with the fun and frolic of the festival fiesta.

Holi is observed and myriads of people , leaving aside their every chores , indulge themselves this festival of colors . In Maharashtra, Rangapanchami takes place a couple of days later on a `Panchami`(fifth day of the full moon), indicating the end of festival fete.

Gokulashtami, or Janmaashtami, is also known as Dahi Handi The festival is observed, in éclat, in the months of August or September,. Various Handis are hung up in almost every of the city. The groups of young people, called Govinda path , personified as companions of Lord Krishna, move around the city in trucks throughout the day and burst the handis .


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