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Devgad fort

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Devgad Fort

The name ‘ Devgad’(or Devgarh) of the city and tehsil are derived from this historic fort lying at the confluence of Arabian Sea and Devgad creek. Kanoji Angre, chief of Martha admiralty, was instrumental in erecting this elegant looking fort in 1705. Devgad is a natural harbor and well guarded port town. Earlier big ships used to dock at the port jetty.

When the fort was built it was surrounded by water from all the sides so at the time it was called as "Janjire Devgad"(Janzira means an island in Arabic). It has been spread in 120 acres. There is a Ganesh temple in the fort. Port office is situated in the fort. The lighthouse is situated here.


How to get inside the Fort:

One broad road takes you directly inside the fort till the lighthouse. There is also a beach at the rear side, which lures tourist by its towering cajurina trees.


In Devgad, one can visit a windmill plateau. Though the windmills are not in operating condition, one can have a panoramic view of Devgad beach, Devgad fort and stretch of Arabian sea up to Kunkeshwar from here. A magnificent sunset can be seen from this point. 

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             How To Reach

By Air

Nearest Airport is Mumbai.

By Rail

Nearest railhead is Nangaon and Kankavli, on Konkan Railway.

By Road

Mumbai Devgad, 546 k.m.

Kolhapur Devgad , 150 k.m.

State transport buses ply From Mumbai, Kolhapur and Pune.
Private vehicles are also available.



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